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Tips and Tricks


basic motion offense

  • pass n cut motion offense

  • basketball: 3 out 2 in pass and cut motion offense

1 4 motion offense

  • backdoor offense (wheel 1-4 set high)

  • (1 4) set play vs man to man defines

1 4 zone offense

  • 41 zone offences

  • china 1-4 zone offence

It's not how big you are, but how big you play.

Unknown author

The more you sweat on practice, the less you bleed in battle.

Unknown author

Beat your defender with your FOOTWORK not by Dribbling

How to beat your defender tutorial


Three tips for ankle breaking crossovers:
  • Always change speed and/or direction

  • Build your crossover dribble arsenal so you can react to different situations

  • Read your defenders to set them up or react to what they give you

snakebasketball. com

Pass Tips


Passing is an important skill and there are a variety of different types. The key to passing is finding the open player and choosing the appropriate type of pass.


The two most common passes in basketball are the chest and the bounce pass.

  • Chest Pass.This is the most direct way to transfer the ball and is the easiest to catch.

  • Bounce Pass.This is the most difficult pass to defend because the ball is bouncing near the defenders feet and they don't have time to get their hands on it. 


Below are some passing tips:

  • Pass with two hands. 

  • Step into your pass. 

  • Always follow through. 

  • End with your thumbs pointing down. 

  • Make the pass easy to catch.Where are their hands?

  • Pass away from the defender. 

  • Make the easy pass. 

  • Pass to the hands of your teammate. 

  • Only lead your receiver if required. 

  • Use trick passes with caution. 

  • Do not jump. 

  • Pick a target. 

  • BONUS TIP: Play a practice game without dribbles. 


Below for receiving a pass:

  • Catch the ball with two hands and grab it with muscle. 

  • Come to the ball. 

How to do the pass tutorial

Proper stance increases your shooting percentage

This is an excerpt from Basketball Shooting by Dave Hopla.


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