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Visit to FIBA headquarters

FIBA Maison du Basket

1295 Mies, Suisse

(Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball)


Saturday, June 20 2015, Thank God our family and I were able to visit FIBA headquarters in the city of Mies, Switzerland. This city is adjacent to the city of Geneva. Coincidentally, FIBA held a 3x3 tournament for 2 days on Saturday and Sunday, 20-21 June 2015.


Let's explore what FIBA headquarters looks like through our photo coverage below.

photo of a statue of a basketball player and monster located under a bench bearing the names of FIBA presidents and former presidents.

A modern design building, exquisitely built to meet requirements and reflecting the fast and efficient game of basketball with  slogan Clean Basketball.

Front photo of FIBA headquarters.

a photo of Ariq and Pritha's mother in front of the digital display wall.

photo of one corner of the main room in the form of a library.

photo of James Naismith and the first basketball kit: a leather ball and a wooden basket. 1891

When entering the building through the main door, we will immediately be greeted by the walls of the main hall where digital displays are installed for various purposes, then various memorabilia is displayed, from medals, shoes, uniforms, the first FIBA rules that were typed in manually, balls, posters and historical objects. other.

look at the direction of the red arrow above, the name of the country of Indonesia, like other countries, is written on the pillar.

On that day, one of Indonesia's men, Ariq Zaidan, who currently lives in Switzerland, had the opportunity to try out his basketball skills outside the FIBA headquarters, in the FIBA Open 3x3 Swiss Tour 2015. A total of 7 courts and portable basketball hoops were installed for 3x3 party event for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday is reserved for the Age Group tournament. And Sunday for the Senior or Swiss Tour category.

There are several Age Group categories that are contested, U4-6Baby, U6-8Mixte, U8-10mixte, U11-13mixte, U14-16girls, U14-16boys, U17-18boys, For the Senior group, 4 categories are competed, Open Ladies, Open Men, Open Mix, Open Swiss Tour Elite. 

On average, there are 8 teams in each category except U4-6Baby and U6-8Mixte, so it is estimated that this tournament will be attended by 40 teams, or around 160 participants. In age group events, on average, parents and families are also present, so the number is estimated

more than 500 visitors.


Luckily the weather was quite supportive even though there were signs of rain in the morning, but thank God, the weather was very friendly until the evening when the tournament closed. 

In this championship, although not all of Switzerland's best players attended, the Vevey Bad Boys team, a team from the city of Vevey where Ariq Zaidan played in the U8-10 category, managed to become the champion defeating all of his opponents very convincingly.

It was truly a valuable experience to be able to attend and see the FIBA headquarters in person and also witness the Indonesian men succeed in achieving an achievement in one of the age group categories that were contested.


Here are some photos of the tournament display and the Vevey Bad Boys team in action.

FIBA Open 3x3 U8-10 results can be accessed from the following link:

My photo is posed in front of the original size image of Muggsy Bogues 159cm.

Ariq's photo in front of the digital display of FIBA member country names

photo of the Vevey Bad Boys team with baby supporters sitting on a bench in the stands bearing all the names of the Presidents of FIBA

A photo of Sis Alya and her U12 Vevey Tiger brothers

first draft of basketball rules photo.

Photo of one of the memorabilia walls

FIBA Maisan du Basket center photo

See you on coverage of the next basketball event... We Are Basketball.

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