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Victoria Basket is a basketball association that is oriented towards basketball development and aims to train and develop players so that they can play good and correct basketball at various levels, from local, provincial and up to the national level.


The main goal is understanding and mastering the fundamentals, fun playing, team spirit and cooperation, as well as fair play for all players and members.


Every member of Victoria Basket (male and female players, coaches, officials, parents and supporters) must review this charter and commit to:

  • Respecting club rules, PERBASI (Indonesian Basketball Association) and FIBA (International Basketball Federation) are available upon request from administrators, coaches and officials.

  • Respect officials and match referees for the sake of creating healthy and beneficial competition. Their roles are difficult and they deserve our respect.

  • Follow or implement recommendations and suggestions from Victoria Basket officials / coaches.

  • Collaborate and actively participate in various events organized by the club.

  • Support with enthusiasm and the spirit of fair play for the Victorian basketball team.

  • If necessary, attend ongoing development and training organized for referees, coaches and officials.


More specifically, every Victoria Basket person is committed to:

  • Arrive on time and participate in the exercise in a constructive spirit.

  • Notification of absence or delay in practice and matches.

  • Adopt personal and environmental hygiene rules in every practice and match.

  • Using standard personal equipment that is appropriate for playing basketball (shoes, socks, pants and sports clothes).

  • Do not wear jewelry or equipment that can interfere with activities and endanger yourself or others in practice and matches.

  • To maintain the available sports equipment and facilities (clothes, bags, balls, courts, locker rooms, etc.).

  • Respect your teammates and opponents as yourself, in victory or defeat. Respect the rules and accept all decisions from the referees, never questioning their integrity. Let us not forget that they, like every human being, can make mistakes, even though they do their best not to.

  • Be tolerant in defeat and realize the importance of coaching to be better. Accept and enjoy victory with humility, never ridicule, intimidate or harass opponents.

  • Don't cheat to win.

  • Maintain self-esteem in all situations. Avoid aggressive, intimidating and bad behavior and language, refuse physical and verbal violence, whether as a player, coach, official or spectator inside or outside a basketball practice or match.


By accepting you as an active member, Victoria Basket agrees:

  • To provide basketball coaching;

  • To ensure the availability of things necessary for practicing basketball (training, courts, equipment);

  • To provide the necessary equipment for the match (uniform shirt and trousers);

  • To follow developments and promote your sporting career, with the approval of your parents, taking into account your academic education and professional interests, as well as your health;

  • To facilitate possible careers in the National Team (both youth and senior) or the National League;

  • At the end of the season, the club, in coordination with the coaching team and officials of each age group, carries out an evaluation of all resources, recognizing the best young players who have shown a high level of commitment to attendance, enthusiasm and personal development, both in terms of technical or non-technical.


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