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Past matches and events

45th Birthday Celebration and Achievements 2017 

23 April 2017 @ Ragunan Basketball Hall


To be precise, on February 11 2017, the Basketball Association Victoria turns 45 years old. It's been a long journey to remain active in basketball coaching activities in the country. To be grateful for the grace of Allah SWT and also His gift for the achievements of all children in 2016 and 2017, activitiesVictoria Day, with a series of events, 3x3 internal tournaments for all players, parents and members, hospitality, fun games, creative outlets, as well as eat-meals and prayer together, attended approx235 members, even though at the same time the majority members of our U10, had to be absent due to playing matches elsewhere.

Happy 45th birthday Victoria. Thank you to the Dvision 2 brothers and all the parents who have held this event so successful and very exciting. Alhamduillah.  

Perbasi Jakarta Regional Championship U16 2017 

March 2017 @ Jakarta


As the best in the South Jakarta area, sons and daughters of U16 Victoria continued their struggle at the DKI level. No match is passed easily. The whole match ran alot and drained a lot of the ability, energy and mental play of the children, coaches and officials.

History repeats itself, ending early rounds in 2nd place in group, U16Pa Victoria won in the semifinal and in a thrilling final, won and became champion, 1st place.

U16Pi Victoria, after not having much success in the semi-finals, managed to get back up and  won 3rd place.

Congratulations and very proud of the great achievement. 

Road to National Championship 2017. Go for it! 

South Jakarta Perbasi Regional Championship 2017 

January - April 2017 @ Jakarta


Starting the 2017 competition year activities, Victorian children in all categories both male and female with high enthusiasm and motivation competed in the 2017 South Jakarta Perbasi Regional Jury. Not only 1 (one) team in each category, but we also sent 2 teams to several categories, such as U12 Pa, U14 Pa, and U16 Pa. The Women's Division 2 rookie team appeared to complement the Victoria Basket contingent which sent in total 13 teams in all categories U12, U14, U16, U18, and Division 2 Boys and Girls. 

The results are truly extraordinary and very proud. Victoria succeeded in dominating the Kejurwil and becoming the best.1st place in the category U12Pa, U14Pa, U14Pi, U16Pa, U16Pi, and 3rd place in Division 2 Women.Alhamdulillah we are all given the blessing of effort and hard work to be the best.

Brotherhood Competition Season 2016-2017 

October 2016 - January 2017 @ Jakarta


In addition to actively participating in short-term open tournaments, the Victorian children also competed in 4-month long-term championships, which were attended by approximately 8 clubs in each category and were initiated by the Basketball Brotherhood community. In this event we participated in the U14Pi and U16Pi groups.

This competition uses sistem round robin, home and away. So we also get the experience to hold a match at our home ground.

Success and congrats toU14Pi won 1st place, and U16Pi was ranked 2nd.  

2016 YBA Regional Tournament  

December 2016 @ Cirebon


Continuing our first step in participating in the international level tournament in October in Singapore, the U10 Mix and U14 Pi category filled the rest of 2016 by participating in the Regional level tournament in Cirebon. This championship was attended by teams from several cities on the island of Java who are members of the community YBA (Youth Basketball Association). In this championship, brothers and sistersThe U10 Mix won 1st place, and the U14 Pi was ranked 5th.All matches were passed strictly and became a very valuable experience following the championship outside the city, increasing togetherness on and off the field. Congratulations to the entire Victoria contingent at YBA 2017 Cirebon.

Group IM Open Tournament U9Mix 2016 

November 2016 @ Jakarta


Not only bechampion number 1, the appearance of U9Mix Victoria's children, was unstoppable and managed to win all the matches they played in this championship. 

It is undeniable that the fruits of hard work, coaching which combines elements of play, fun and achievement together, are starting to show results. And we will continue to process to be even better in the future.

5th Asia Pacific Youth Basketball Championship 2016 

December 2016 @ Cirebon

For the first time, we are participating in an international level championship.

The main purpose of this activity is to add to the children's competitive experience of meeting and socializing with children from other countries in a healthy and fair-play atmosphere and spirit.

Not only for the development of playing basketball, this event also has a positive impact on children and grows self-confidence in association at the international level. 

We send teams on categoriesU15Pi (4 of 10), U15Pa (10 of 20), and U18Pa (9 of 20). 

Total 70 teams from 10 countries in 6 categories.

And we will be back to the next 2017 APBYC!

U10Mix POKEBA Tournament 2016 

August 2016 @ Pulo Gadung Sports Hall


Don't want to be left behind by his brothers, sons and daughters of the team10 year old groupalso successfully recorded their first achievement and trophy,Runner up. A result of the struggle and sacrifice of the children and the entire team of coaches, managers and parents. Undergoing tournaments that take place only on weekends, children have to go through several matches up to two times in the same day. It didn't look like it was tired, because the kids were very excited and enjoyed the game. Successfully progressing to the Finals, Victoria's U10 boys, which consisted of players with a maximum age of 9 years, had to recognize the superiority of the opposing team, which contained players aged 10 years. The resistance they showed was extraordinary. It is hoped that this team will be able to finish when the time comes to appear in Perbasi's official age group competition. Keep up the spirit and be safe.

Kejurda U14PA DKI 2016 

August 2016 @ GOR Grogol



With good preparation, a structured program and supported by the commitment of all team components, both the players themselves, coaches, managers, officials and parents, the U14PA Victoria team competed in the 10 best teams in Jakarta. With a record of perfect results in the preliminary round, the kids made it to the Final Four. Even though, they were unlucky in the Semi-Final match and the match for 3rd place, but the struggle and hard work of the children was very good, and you can't say that they were outclassed by even the winning team. Congratulations kids and the entire U14PA Victoria team.  Congratulations Big 4 DKI.

Kejurda U14PI DKI 2016 

August 2016 @ GOR Grogol



Managed by the same line of coaches, U14 Victoria's daughter also did not want to be outdone by her male counterparts to strive to the fullest. With various kinds of injuries and the illness of several players, this team succeeded in advancing to the Final Four round. The battle was fierce and tiring physically and mentally as the children competed in the Semi Finals, until the whistle blew after the game was over. Losing by a narrow number in the Semi-Final round did not weaken the children's enthusiasm to win the trophy3rd placethe next day. Happy kids xU14PI Victoriaalong with all the coaches, managers, officials and also the parents. 

DKI U16 Competition 2015

30May-14Jun 2015 @ Gor Grogol

The tireless struggle and sacrifice by all the children, parents, officials and the coaching teamU16 Princess, starting from comprehensive preparations from the beginning of the year to the last day of the DKI level competition, despite all the obstacles that arose, resulted in a proud level of playing and achievements. Became runner-up group with 3 wins and 1 loss (thin score of 3 points), advancing to the semifinals against other group winners. With "heads held high", only narrowly lost 4 points to the opponent who eventually became the champion (beating the opponent in the final with a convincing score of more than 10 points), in the match for 3rd place, Victoria's children finally managed to avenge the defeat of the opponent who beat them in the group stage, with numbers 46-42 (difference of 4 digits).Happy Champion 3!!!Hopefully in the future we can be even better and remain compact and enthusiastic about sports and achievements in all fields.

Photo footage after the match for 3rd place, Sunday 14 Jun 2015

JrNBA Coaching Clinic

Sunday29/03/2015 @ Citos



Our children aged 12 and 14, boys and girls, returned to take part in the coaching clinic and the 2015 JrNBA selection at the Cilandak Town Square indoor court. They joined hundreds of kids from other clubs who took part in this event. Some of our children were even interviewed because of their skills and enthusiasm for participating in this event. Congratulations and keep up the enthusiasm. 

Photo footage during the JrNBA event, Sunday 29mar2015

Friendly members and Mas Cuk's birthday

Saturday 28/03/2015 @ Ragunan



It's fun and very busy. From the youngest members to seniors, former players, and also parents, get together, interact with each other while enjoying simple food prepared together by great parents. Bravo. Happy birthday also to Mas Cuk, I wish you success, health and happiness always, so you can continue to guide us in playing good and right basketball. 

Photo footage during the social gathering and Mas Cuk's birthday, Saturday 28mar2015.

Match Results

U16PA Southern Competition

Sunday 15/02/2015 @ Bulungan


Victoria 38 vs Dreya+ 24


Nice game and the kids managed to win 3rd place. His enthusiasm to recover from defeat in the semifinals was extraordinary.100% (4of4) free throws percentage, 41.5% (17of41) 2 points percentage, and 0/5 for 3pts shoot.Starting with a tight qtr 1, 10-9, and 19-15 at the end of qtr 2, 9E693A defense which improved and was consistent, we managed to force fast play with fast break attacks and ended with a win. Well done!!!

U16PI Southern Competition

Saturday 14/02/2015 @ Bulungan


Victoria 41 vs Dreya+ 19

We can't note much from this game, because of the difference in quality. Especially in speed and individual skill. The children continued to play seriously and in the end each child had a chance to play in a balanced way. This is good for strengthening players who have so far lacked match experience. Bravo. Congrats on being the 2015 south champ.

U16PI Southern Competition

Sunday 01/02/2015 @ Bulungan


Victoria 50 vs Garden 

With respect to our opponent, in the second game we played better with an advantage in speed and quality of offense. Even though we have improved in defense, we still need improvements in coordination and communication, so that it is easy for the opponent to dismantle our defense several times.

It's great that we can rotate all the players equally so it adds to the experience for all the players.

Percentage of successful free throws: 71% (good)

2 point shot success percentage: 39% (below average)

3-point shot success rate: 13.3% (2 of 15)

U16PI Southern Competition

Saturday 31/01/2015 @ Bulungan


Victoria 35 vs Royal Abrea 19

Good start. it's not an easy game either set play up to the area of two points (medium shoot or lay up), three points or free throws. Communication needs to be improved during defense, box out routines, and too much rush in final settlement. Needs improvement in dismantling the opponent's zonal defense.

Percentage of successful free throws: 56% (can be higher)

2 point shot successful percentage: 44% (average)

3 point shot success percentage: 0% (from 7 attempts)

An example of analyzing match results based on simple statistics.

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