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Abdul Rahman

Igit, Atuy, et al Division 2

  • Continuous transition

  • Don't stop working

  • Organizational change

  • 2008 South Jakarta City Council Manager

GENERATION V - February 11 (Victoria Day)

Erfan Bachtiar, Benny Hidayat, Martini Dermawan, Giovanni Dodit, Lenny Weichert, Tajuluddin, Alex Tupan, Adhika Caksana, et al.

  • Restructuring & revival

  • Collaboration with schools

  • Mas Cuk's return was accompanied by young coaches Ivan Harold, Ahmad Rizaldi, & Abdul Nizar .

  • Pioneer of using internet & social media



The journey of the Victoria Basketball Club since it was founded in 1972 until now.



Sunday Market youths gather to play basketball in the Pasar Minggu GOR parking lot


Yudi Suyoto

Merari Nainggolan

Cuk Kustanto



Dwin Kristiawan, et al

  • Ragunan Sports Complex outdoor basketball court use


  • Subscribe to champions at the South Jakarta and DKI level

  • The backbone of the DKI team

  • Junior National Players

  • Dear physical trainer


Ario Prabowo

Sukahat Harianja/Yusuf Firdaus/Muryanto/Fevri Rucapak/Rajasa Amisani, et al

  • Cuk Kustanto becomes the coach of the national team

  • Young coaches continue

  • Organizational change

logo 52 vbc.jpeg


  • February 11 Victoria's Day

  • +/- 375 active members of all age groups male and female

  • 47 titles to the top 4 in 2019

  • The biggest contingent of 22 teams in the South and Central Regional Championships 2020

  • domination of champions in all categories of u10-u18 pa and pi 2020 regional championship

  • pioneer club for the use of online & internet media


About Victoria


Victoria Basketball Club is a basketball club that operates in the South Jakarta area. The club, which was born in 1972, provides coaching for various age groups from 10 to 18 years old, in addition to the senior group and Division II. The beginning of the formation of this club started from a youth association who liked and regularly played basketball in the Pasar Minggu area, South Jakarta. In Pasar Minggu there is only one sports arena, where its designation is dominated by volleyball and badminton. Luckily, in the parking lot of the building there is a basketball court and that parking lot is where the teenagers spend time playing basketball. Tired of playing basketball for years without a clear direction, an idea arose to form a club in order to participate in the official championship and a club named Victoria was born, which was initiated by Mr. Yudi Suyoto and Mr. Merari Nainggolan.


Since its inception by Pasar Minggu teenagers in the early 1970s, the journey of the Victorian basketball club entered a new chapter with the start of coaching for children under 12 years old in the 1980s. Where in that era there were 3 central figures, namely Mr. Cuk Kustanto as a coach (successfully became one of the national coaches), Mr. Hendi as general chairman and Mr. Yudi Suyoto (Secretary General of Perbasi in the early 2000s, who sincerely and sincerely and highly dedicated to modeling Innovative early childhood and youth basketball development. The results are visible and proven where in the late 1980s to early 2000s, the Victorian basketball club reached its golden age by winning many basketball championships at the city level of South Jakarta and DKI Jakarta province. managed to dominate the DKI selection team for the youth national championship, and also managed to penetrate the Indonesian national basketball team, and continued his basketball career at the highest level of KOBATAMA competition at that time.


After a coaching transition period occurred in mid-2000 to 2011 (continuing to regularly participate in the official South Jakarta Perbasi competition for certain age groups and DKI for the senior group), a new management was formed in 2012 by several parents together with senior colleagues, carrying out the mandate to continue the basketball coaching process which has been the vision and mission of the Victorian basketball club since the beginning.


February 11th is designated as Victoria's Day.


Immediately in 2012, which continued in the following year, several Victorian Age Group teams managed to win or be in the top 3 in the South Jakarta Perbasi Competition and DKI level.


And we will color life with basketball and continue to excel....

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